City of High Springs, FL
A Banner City!

Have Everyone See Your Support
For The Decoration of The Community!

Learn How Your Business Can be Featured on a City of High Springs Banner!

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To decorate the City of High Springs, the city is interested in acquiring a brand new series of streetscape banners featuring a brand new design.

As part of the initiative, the City is allowing it’s local businesses and organizations an opportunity to be featured as city banner sponsors.

Each of the sponsor businesses will be recognized by having their name and logo artwork featured on the bottom third of the city’s banner(s) they sponsor, for everyone to enjoy.

Adding to the excitement, each of the businesses participating will choose the city’s street lamps they would like to have their banner(s) displayed.

The new banners will be installed this Spring and will remain on display for a minimum of 12 months.

Below is a formal invitation from the office of City Manager Ed Booth, a copy of the City’s street lamp map, our list of current participants and our sponsorship package information, for your review.

Street lamps are being reserved on a first come first served basis.

Contact me with any questions or for help choosing great lamp locations for your business’s recognition.


Thank you to the 2018 Sponsors


Contact us with any questions or to make a reservation for your business’s recognition.