Welcome to the Willows, CA
Community Banner Program!!!

Increase Civic Pride

Beautify the Downtown 

Enhance Community Spirit

Identify Business Districts

Promote Community Identity

Current Participants:

City Art Design

Coming Soon!

Next Step, Choose Your Lamp Location(s):

To choose your preferred street lamp location(s) for the placement of your city banner(s), zoom in to the banner display area of interest and click on the green dots to obtain the street lamp location number.

To help you decide, drag and drop the “Little Yellow Google Person Symbol” found in the bottom right corner of the map, to the blue line next to the lamp location of  interest and see the lamps using the Google Street View Images taken by the Google Car on it’s most recent drive through town or feel free to reach out for assistance.

Once you’ve decided, reserve your lamp location(s) by typing the lamp location number(s) in at checkout.

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